Quick fast spam

1. DC continues to disappoint me. D:
2. I have bought two more Super Junior concerts (SS2 & SS4).
3. Super Junior K.R.Y. single in January. I must has it.
4. I want to get into SPYAIR and CNBLUE but I have no free time/don't know where to start.
5. Next week will be all @_@.
6. Christmas is going to eat me.
7. Heikeha on SCP. Do want. :D

Oh, livejournal...

So I've been watching all the Livejournal drama and I can't say I really care? I mean, I care, but I'm too tired, lazy, whatever to get all indignant about things. I've been there, done that. I do think that simultaneous releases in English and Russian would go a long, long way to avoiding drama.

What I don't get is that I look at the top communities by whatever metric IJ is using and I have to laugh. Four gossip sites, three sharing comms, two hobby comms and one fandom comm. I'm not sure if that's an accurate representative of the state of things but it is pretty interesting, imho. (The fact that Yuletide breaks into the top 30 twice should be a feather in fandom's cap.)

I will state that I'm using the beta friends "feed" because LJ broke my old friends page to a state where I can not use it. I block all graphics for a reason and if you take that away, my flist becomes unmanageable. I've yet to try it on my phone but... so far, it doesn't make me want to stick needles in my eyes. That's something, I suppose.
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Aiba - back

Please to not be mixing and matching...

So I'm slowly making headway into Korean pop culture and, even though I know I shouldn't, I keep comparing and contrasting with Japanese pop culture. I can't help it because there are some things Korea does that I really appreciate while others just make me go o_O.

Impressions/observations behind the cutCollapse )

[ETA: My "Opera" single, "Sexy, Free and Single"/SPY repackage and "IAM" DVD came today. There goes my weekend. :D ]

[ETA 2: I need new icons like burning. ]
Taichi - amused

(no subject)

"Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou" is one of the best things I've ever seen. It's just so shameless in it's gratuitousness that it's hard not give it props for that alone. Plus it's just so blatant and wonderfully cliche that it just works for me.

(I'm kind of impressed it took this long for a Johnny'sxAKB collab. Let's take our teen idols and shove them in a show together! Plot? What Plot? We don't need plot! ... and the guys wear more jewelry than the girls (because they're delinquents, XD))

Probably my favorite drama this season. Which I feel says a lot about my lack of taste. =P

(But seriously. Damn it, Aiba. Why are all your dramas so freaking boring?)
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I... I sometimes pretend the tags I track on Tumblr are racing each other. It makes for an interesting experience.